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Buffalo populations and their breeding in Kosovo

Livestock production as a branch of agriculture in Kosovo is closely linked to many other fields that relates to the food safety, soil improvement, more efficient use of land that are directly dependent on food for animals, etc. In this regard, buffalo production used to be part of the livestock production chain. Buffalo population in Kosovo belongs mainly to Mediterranean type, which is spread in many countries of the Balkan Peninsula. In the past (up to years 80th), this species played significant role in the Kosovo rural families, mainly used for its products (milk and meat) and work. In the last decade, as in other countries of the Europe, the development of this species seems to have negative trend without being able to be competitive against other species with high productivity, as cattle, sheep and goats, the number of buffaloes has dropped rapidly for about 20 times less. Now, it is considered that population size is > 400 heads, in total.