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Profile and Vision

The INTERNATIONAL BUFFALO FEDERATION (IBF) is a Scientific Association born in 1985, founded with a legal act approving the Constitution and by-laws, is organized by the General Secretary with a permanent office in the Animal Production Research Institute (Istituto Sperimentale per la Zootecnia) in Monterotondo, Rome, Italy, and by the President, elected in the General Assembly by the representatives of the National Associations every 3 years, changing the Continent every time.
The IBF has members engaged in buffalo research, in all the aspects: breeding, feeding, reproduction, breeds selection, animal health, dairy and meat production, extension and training.
The IBF organizes the World Buffalo Congress (every 3 years), and more contributes to the organization of the Asian Buffalo Congress, the Buffalo Symposium of Europe and Americas and many other events that represent the state of art of scientific progress in the world; her also promotes information by the Secretariat and by the Buffalo Newsletter and training by scientists exchange and by specific training courses.
The IBF is the only organization in the world with the purposes of buffalo development, as scientific improving of breeding systems and genetic selection of buffalo breeds, in order to develop the social and economic benefits, increasing the availability and the quality of buffalo products.
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