NEWSLETTER N° 38 June 2022

Dear all,

the Newsletter 38 is online. Here is a short summary of the content.

You can find two papers: The buffalo production in Paraguay, and Buffalo artificial insemination in Amazon Valley (a 40-year retrospective) in the scientific focus section.

The four volumes editions book “The black gold”  from Alina Mitat Valdes,  presents the buffalo production in Cuba.

The biotechnological applications in buffalo research book includes various chapters on the most advanced techniques (including omics) in buffalo production.

The patented technology for preparing buffalo milk protein concentrate that scientists  developed in India, is presented.

In the reports section are illustrated the activities of American Buffalo Breeders Associations in Argentina and Guatemala.

The IBF Secretariat together with CREA is organizing a series of six webinars on buffalo management, reported in the section Upcoming events.

The next 13th World Buffalo Congress that should have taken place in October 2022 in Wuhan, China, has been cancelled due to the pandemic. We are now asking to all IBF members to present new candidatures.

On 15-18 November 2022 the 10Th Symposium of America and Europe will be held in Asunción, Paraguay.

Unfortunately, Prof Fabio Napolitano, an IBF member from Italy, and Manfred Thiele, an IBF member from Germany passed away and we unknowledge their contribution to buffalo development in this number. 

The Editorial Committee