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International Buffalo Symposium on November 2017 in Nepal

Buffalo is a very important livestock commodity in South Asian, South East Asian, Mediterranean and South American countries. To promote the economic and food value of buffalo, Agriculture and Forestry University, Nepal in collaboration with Ministry of Livestock Development, Nepal Agriculture Research Council, and Michigan State University, USA is organizing an “International Buffalo Symposium 2017” on November 15-18, 2017 in Chitwan, Nepal with the theme “Enhancing Buffalo Production for Food and Economy”. The objective of the symposium is sharing and generating knowledge among national and international scientists working on this field. This conference will be beneficial for the research and development locally and internationally. The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite scientists working in this field to attend and present their scientific works in this symposium. The sessions will be organized in the following thematic areas.

1. Buffalo Nutrition and Production
2. Buffalo Health
3. Buffalo Reproduction and Breeding
4. Genomics and Biotechnology for Buffalo Production
5. Policies and Socio-economics of Buffalo Production
6. Buffalo as a Source of Food and Nutrition

Please note the important dates (http://afu.edu.np/vet/ibs-important-dates) and other details at www.afu.edu.np/vet/ibs2017