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In memory of a missing friend: Héctor Scannone

The IBF secretary is deeply sorry to announce the loss of Héctor Antonio Scannone Poggioli, esteemed associate from Venezuela, on september 9th 2020, due to COVID-19.

Hector Scannone was an agricultural engineer, graduated from the Central University of Venezuela (1979).

In 1980 he moved to San Fernando de Apure to Hato La Guanota, where together with his wife Susana Moser de Scannone, his father-in-law Pablo Moser Guerra and his brother-in-law Pablo José Moser, pioneered buffalo breeding in Venezuela,  founded Lácteos La Guanota, the first buffalo mozzarella production company in Venezuela, made Bufito, a dulce de leche de búfala. 

He was the promoter along with veterinarians Vicente Silva, Rafael Hoogesteijn and Omar Verde in the Hato La Guanota (Apure) of Venezuela’s first genetic improvement center, genealogical data collection and the first place of artificial buffalo insemination in Venezuela. Founder and former president of Aso buffaloes Venezuela, Former President of Convecar, Former president of Lácteos La Guanota, C A.

Today he was the President of Agropecuaria La Guanota, C A and President of Bufito C A.

In his son’s word: “The most important thing:  my dad was a wonderful dad, grandpa, son, brother, brother-in-law, friend, family promoter, humble, generous and tireless worker.  Faithful believer in the honest work of Apure, Venezuela and the Buffaloes”.

In 2020 he celebrated 40 years of honorable, dedicated and passionate profession as a Buffalo producer and promoter. He leaves a beautiful family: his wife Susana, three children, Hector Andrés, María Alesia and Ana Cristina and seven wonderful grandchildren”.

The IBF federation deepest condolences to the family and friends. Hector Scannone’ s loss will deeply affect buffalo world.