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3rd IBF TRAINING COURSE ON BUFFALO MANAGEMENT AND INDUSTRY Rome, May 9-19, 2017 Coordinator: Prof. Antonio Borghese, IBF General Secretary Scientific Committee: Antonio Borghese, Antonio Fagiolo, Luca Buttazzoni, Leopoldo Iannuzzi, Federico Infascelli, Tzonka Peeva, Esterina De Carlo Organizing Committee: Vittoria Lucia Barile, Antonella Chiariotti, Carmela Tripaldi, Giuseppe Campanile, Remo Rosati, Antonio Borghese PROGRAM DELEGATES LIST […]

8th Asian Buffalo Congress

The theme of ABC 2015 is “sustainable production in the global economic world”. We believe that Global warming, environmental and ecological degradation, depletion of natural resources, natural and man-made hazards, and economic crises affect our modes of production, and consumption, demanding for new strategies in production systems and organizations and conduct.

11th World Buffalo Congress

During the 11th World Buffalo Congress you will have the opportunity to meet scientists, breeders, students and colleagues from all the world and learn from them all you need about this species. If you are a researcher, this will be the appropriate scenario to share your work with people from many countries.