APACRIBU, the Buffalo breeders association of Paraguay has achieved important milestones in the process of preparing for the X Symposium of Buffalo Breeders of the Americas and Europe, which will take place Nov 15-19, 2022, in the capital city of Asunciòn, with headquarters in the 20 ha campus of the Asociacion Rural del Paraguay, (Paraguayan Rural Association), the prestigious private sector organization that amalgamates and represents Paraguayan cattle producers throughout the country.

En route to the Symposium, APACRIBU has worked hand in hand with the Ministry of Agriculture, with the support of the GIZ, to establish a multisector working group to promote the competitiveness of the Buffalo in Paraguay, including various ministries, universities and other public and private sector organizations.  The National Senate has also given its support by declaring the X Symposium as an event of National Interest.

The event will have two phases: Conferences and a Buffalo Tour. The first two days are primarily academic conferences focusing on subjects related to the management of a buffalo herd, as well as those related to sustainable and regenerative ranching and the role that buffalo can play in the development of Paraguay and in the region.  The conferences will have simultaneous translation between English and Spanish.

The rest of the event will be a buffalo tour with the objective of sharing the country’s scenic beauty, culture and history, as well as showcasing leading ranching establishments and visiting buffalo producers.

Do join us!


Richard Moss

President of the Paraguayan Association of Buffalo Breeders (APACRIBU)


Details can be seen, and inscriptions made on the APACRIBU website: www.bufalodeagua.com