The IBF is a Scientific Association born in 1985

that has members engaged in buffalo research, in all the aspects: breeding, feeding, reproduction, breeds selection, animal health, dairy and meat production, extension and training. The IBF is the only organization in the world with the purposes of buffalo development, in order to increase the social and economic benefits, the availability and the quality of buffalo products.


International Buffalo Symposium on November 2017 in Nepal

Buffalo is a very important livestock commodity in South Asian, South East Asian, Mediterranean and South American countries. To promote the economic and food value of buffalo, Agriculture and Forestry University, Nepal in collaboration with Ministry of Livestock Development, Nepal Agriculture Research Council, and Michigan State University, USA is organizing an “International Buffalo Symposium 2017” […]

IX Asian Buffalo Congress, February 1-4 2018, Hisar, India

The IX Asian Buffalo Congress, will be organized on February 1-4 2018 in Hisar, India by the President of the Asian Buffalo Association Dr. Inderjeet Singh, director of the Central Institute of Research on Buffaloes  (ICAR-CIRB). As reported in ICAR website the congress will address “the key issues relevant to buffalo production. It is expected […]

Búfalos, una ventaja productiva para Colombia

By Tomado de: Aunque el país cuente con una positiva producción de la raza en cuanto a leche y carne, hace falta un largo trabajo en la comercialización de sus productos. Cifras recientes entregadas por el Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadística, Dane, en Colombia revelan que en el país existen unas 300 mil […]


3rd IBF TRAINING COURSE ON BUFFALO MANAGEMENT AND INDUSTRY Rome, May 9-19, 2017 Coordinator: Prof. Antonio Borghese, IBF General Secretary Scientific Committee: Antonio Borghese, Antonio Fagiolo, Luca Buttazzoni, Leopoldo Iannuzzi, Federico Infascelli, Tzonka Peeva, Esterina De Carlo Organizing Committee: Vittoria Lucia Barile, Antonella Chiariotti, Carmela Tripaldi, Giuseppe Campanile, Remo Rosati, Antonio Borghese PROGRAM DELEGATES LIST […]


The idea of Dr. Takashi Shirai of the Lake District Dairy Ranch, with the support of the Department of Hokkaido of Ministry of Agriculture and of the Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, is to develop the Buffalo Livestock in Japan, to develop also the market of local products, coming from buffalo. The project […]

8th Asian Buffalo Congress

The theme of ABC 2015 is “sustainable production in the global economic world”. We believe that Global warming, environmental and ecological degradation, depletion of natural resources, natural and man-made hazards, and economic crises affect our modes of production, and consumption, demanding for new strategies in production systems and organizations and conduct.

11th World Buffalo Congress

During the 11th World Buffalo Congress you will have the opportunity to meet scientists, breeders, students and colleagues from all the world and learn from them all you need about this species. If you are a researcher, this will be the appropriate scenario to share your work with people from many countries.

XXIV Panamerican Congress of Veterinary Science (PANVET 2014)

La Havana, Cuba, hosted the XXIV Panamerican Congress of Veterinary Science (PANVET 2014) from the 6 to the 9 October, receiving researchers, specialists, professors, businessmen, technicians, students, farming producers from all over the world. The event was held under the theme "Integration", whose main objective was to promote the progress of science and veterinary practice, and to contribute to the connection among the veterinary associations and stimulate the exchange of technology among Latin American countries.

The 7th Symposium of Buffaloes of Europe and the Americas

The 7th Symposium of Buffaloes of Europe and the America opened at San Jose in the Hotel Wyndham on May 5, 2014 with welcome salutations of the organizer, Alvaro Salas Vega, President of AsoBufalo (Association of Breeders of Buffalo Species) in Costa Rica. Salutations by Claudia Roldan, President of the International Buffalo Federation (IBF), who will organize the World Buffalo Congress in November 2016, followed. Afterwards the Vice Minister for the Agriculture, José Joaquin Salazar, remembered the project to achieve the independence of Costa Rica for the basic feeding of his people.
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